The Ontario Hummingbird Project
Understanding the life cycle of Ontario's hummingbirds
Welcome to The Ontario Hummingbird Project!

The goals of The Ontario Hummingbird Project are:

  • Identifying migration routes and peak migration dates
  • Documenting spring arrival and fall departure dates
  • Defining the northern limits of the breeding range
  • Locating concentration points
  • Studying the nesting cycle
  • Documenting rare species visiting Ontario
  • Collecting information on nesting locations, popular estimates, reproduction rates and birds returning to the same locality each year
Latest News and Events
  • March 2, 2016
  • Sightings for the 2016 season can now be submitted here. Maps from previous years can be found here.
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"Had I devoted myself to birds, their lives and plumage, I might have produced something worth doing."
- John Ruskin